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Any MIDI-type musicians out there?


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Hey all!  I was wondering if anyone around Phoenixed might have any proficiency with composing music in a MIDI or MIDI-esque format?

I ask because I got it into my head to try my hand at slowly creating a game, but rather than just making any old platformer, I wanted to stay true to a retro style and design the whole thing to fit under 1.35 megabytes, the space that would be available on a 3.5" floppy disk.  I've already been experimenting with the graphical end of things and checking the sizes of ROMs for various 8/16-bit console games, and it seems quite doable.  But, of course, any soundtrack would have to be in some kind of composed format rather than something like an MP3 or wav file in order to fit it in the mere kilobytes of space available.

Maybe some leads on libraries or composers that would be willing to lend some tunes, even?

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This is a request thread, so this has been moved to the Art Exchange.

Additionally, it was not specified whether this hypothetical game is being made for just a personal project or to be sold later.
If it's the latter, this needs to go in Black Market, as you should be paying your contributing musicians.

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Sorry, mate.

Also, gonna go with the former on the distribution.  Unless by some miracle it turns out brilliant, it'll probably be a personal project or free game.

Also also, don't expect speedy scheduling with this project for those curious.  Probably gonna be more of a glacial pace as I pick away at it every other weekend.  Really just checking to see who all is musically inclined while I determine where the hell this is going.  'Tentative' is probably going to be a recurring theme in this thread.

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