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So I'm driving home from my shift tonight. I get on my usual freeway back and am enjoying the simple cruise back home when all of a sudden some homeboy tailgates me hard. Kinda odd considering that I'm not only in the slow lane (my exit was approaching soon), but the other lanes were pretty clear. I ignore it, but then homeboy decides to turn on the brights and honk at me. As any good US citizen from California would do, I decide to break check the fucker. BOOM! The result couldn't have been more perfect; Homeboy slams his breaks and nearly spins out. I continue my journey on to my house when all of a sudden, homeboy comes speeding in and pulls up besides me, yelling and screaming. As any good US citizen from California would do, I simply give him the bird and ignore him. As I was concluding my ritual of flipping him off, I turned and noticed that this guy was dressed like a thug and he was reaching for something. Turns out it was a bottle of soda, in which he failed to fling at me, resulting in it bouncing off of the inside of his window and soaking his dashboard. He slows down and I begin laughing my ass off.


As I got home, I had a momentary pause to think: What IF homeboy pulled a gun on me instead? Normally, something like this wouldn't really bother me, but alas, I come home to someone everyday. Knowing that there was a possibility that I could've possible not come home tonight due to some bitch ass thug kinda got to me. 


Just some things to think about. That and that homeboy got outdone by someone driving a CRV.


tl;dr- Some battles just aren't worth fighting.

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Fuck me that shit drives me up the wall. I was headed out to the coast on vacation, and I left a town where there was an immediate passing lane outside of town. I passed the person I intended to, then I saw somebody right up on my bumper, moved over to let them by, and some fucking asshole in a white Chevy passed me and swerved at me before he went on. At first I was like WTF, the guy's a piece of shit, but I figured he might have just been distracted or something.

Everything was decent before the next passing lane popped up where I was back into cruise control and about to pass the fucking douche, but he hammered on it right before I was beside him and ripped the fuck into my lane. I was trying not to lose it, because I had my mother with me for that trip, but I floored it, and got in front of the guy from the inside lane.

So, trying to have a nice vacation with my mom and this fucking piece of shit heads through everybody just to cut me right the fuck off and shoot a giant middle finger out the window.

I was losing my fucking mind, the piece of shit fucking tried to run me off the road and I don't even know what for... He turned off the road a bit better than an hour later, but fuck me I wanted to drive the motherfucker so bad, the fucking cunt tried to put me into the ditch and I don't even know why. Eugh.

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