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My favorite .gif recording software! GifCam has been absolutely amazing for recording all kinds of high def .gifs. It's very easy to use but has lots of useful options. It's very good at creating efficient files, too. My only real complaint is that it can't create .gifs from collections of static images like a real maker. Still, its not trying to be and it does an excellent job of what it does try to be. Anybody else use this thing?

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I remember when people were going nuts because there was a fishy version that gave viruses. Idiots just download shit from any site, I swear.

I was, admittedly, extremely wary of their website blog when I first came across it. It just has that "this thing is gonna be viruses" vibe to it. I downloaded it to my laptop first to check it out and run a malware bytes scan on it, first. It pays to be paranoid, but this time everything turned out alright!


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