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The puzzle maker (for the first round, I) will choose a word or phrase and an appropriate category for it. Each letter in the word or phrase will be replaced by an underscore (_), while each space will be replaced by a tilde (~). Numbers and amounts are spelled out before being hidden; most other punctuation is unaffected.

Players other than the puzzle maker may guess a letter in the puzzle. (It is preferred that you use a lowercase i and a capital L when guessing those two letters.) If it appears in the puzzle, all instances of that letter will appear in the puzzle; if not, then the guessers as a whole lose one of the 10 lives allotted. Repeated letters do not cost a life.

If you believe you know the answer, you may guess the solution. If it is EXACTLY correct, you win and get to make the next puzzle; otherwise, it's a loss of life. If all 10 lives are lost, the puzzle maker wins and gets to do another puzzle.

One letter guess and one puzzle guess per person per update, please. If only one blank is left, a letter guess will be treated the same as a puzzle guess.

Let's begin!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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