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Looking for reality TV recomendations! (The documentary type)


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To be clear, I do not mean the 'Reality TV' that fits into the 'Contest' category like American Idol, X-Factor, or The Biggest Loser.  I also don't mean the kinds of shows that just follow an individual or family around like Keeping with the Kardasians, 16 and Pregnant, or anything of that sort.  I'm interested in the 'Documentary' types like Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, American Restoration, Airline, Gold Rush, Ice Pilots, or stuff like that.  I don't have cable so I'm not much exposed to commercials or just finding stuff when channel surfing, I have to pick out the shows I want and go find them for myself.  I like these kinds of shows to watch when doing other stuff, I don't have to invest a lot of mental energy like I have to with dramas.  So any one have any suggestions? :)

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k, you has good taste so maybe I can share some awesomes with you (though I am slightly confused by "don't mean the kinds of shows that just follow an individual or family around", because all of the shows you listed as likes do just that, but not in the same irritating way as the ones you dislike). Basically 75% of what Animal Planet has is pure gold. Since you don't like drama though, maybe not all of them would appeal to you, but they're definitely not stupid and annoying like all of the dislikes you listed. They're real decent humans who do good things.

There's also all of this junk directly related to Storage Wars, a few of which I have seen and the rest I didn't know existed until searching for the title of one I wanted to tell you about and found that link instead.

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But... Honey Boo Boo......

ANything and Everything on HGTV.

Anything and everything on food network. 

Restaurant Redemption is good too. Tho I think ching gets off on Shichuan stuff. 

Aircrash Investigation

Monsters Inside Me

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters International

Ancient Aliens

Ghost Adventures

The Haunted (Animal Planet)

Most Haunted

Dead Files

Killer Outbreak

Killer Profiles

48 hours mystery

Dogs 101

Serial Killer Profile

Born to Kill

Clean House

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Extreme Couponing

Killer Kids

Diagnosis Unknown

Forensic Evidence

Thats it for now. These are all shows i remember watching. 

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If you find Gordon Ramsay to be an interesting individual, you might like the documentary that sort of shows him getting his multi-million-dollar empire in motion. It's called Ramsay's Boiling Point and was released in the late 80s/early 90s as a mini-series of four or five 30 minute episodes.

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