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Posts disappearing into the void


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Several times so far I've noticed a topic or reply simply disappear. In one case, the post remained listed as the most recent activity on a given subforum despite no longer being visible. Is this users hiding their own posts, mods deleting posts, or a pernicious gremlin problem? It seems like, even if a post is hidden for whatever reason, there should be some visible record as to whether or not it simply existed in the first place.

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That's an unfortunate side effect of the new forum software. "Deleting" a post hard deletes it without leaving an record of it, so the only option we have is to hide it. Hiding it doesn't leave a record for normal users to see why it was hidden. 

One of the reasons I miss vbulletin :\

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In the interest of both getting rid of posts against the rules, and showing users why certain actions are taken,
wouldn't it be better to have mods just edit a post?

Just put the previous content under a cut (while removing stuff if it's bad enough, like say pictures of dead animals, or virus links, or whatever),
and leave the immediately visible text as the reason why it was removed.

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