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Hello everyone, I'm Ark, some 20 year old guy from Spain.

I wasn't really active back in FaF but this might just change, I've been lurking here a bit and it seems like a nice place.

I've been in this fandom for well over 5 years, yet I am still bad at drawing because I am a lazy ass that draws once in a blue moon. I also like videogames, anime... the usual.

And yes, I'm bad at presentations, hi.


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Hey, welcome to the new forum :P What games are you into?

The ones I play the most would be, on PC, Warframe, CS:GO, TF2, Dark Souls (both of them) and Heroes of the Storm (also most surely Overwatch once I'm able to play it).

For consoles I mostly stick to Nintendo stuff, like Pokemon, Zelda... If I buy a Nintendo console it's for their first parties. 

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I haven't even beaten it. xD

Hehe, fair enough... I really don't understand why people say DS2 is easier, guess rolling Cleric and maining a mace was my downfall when I started... hits hard but the range is terrible xD Lemme know if you ever want some tips, I have no life when it comes to DS2 :S 

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