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Found 4 results

  1. Come join me tonight at 9 p.m. ET on my discord server, the Furrst Posting Church of Posting, for a viewing of tonight's presidential debate. Voice chat is encouraged and I welcome the expression of all political viewpoints and personal perspectives. Freedom of expression is what I'm all about. :^) What I'm not all about: 1.) Screaming like a waterhead into the microphone or spamming the chat - I will deport you like an illegal alien. 1.5) Don't post anything illegal you degenerates. 2.) Posting the link to the server publicly. I know you nerds think that "raids" are still a thing, but what will actually be a thing is that I'll expire the link, ban you, ban everyone who joined, and then you'll commit suicide under suspicious conditions for daring to oppose my will to power after I wipe you from the server like an incriminating email. 3.) Shitty microphones and annoying nerd voices: get a job and afford some real hardware and buy better vocal cords. You can PM me or message me on Discord (Zaraphayx#0438) for an invite. I might post one ITT shortly before the debate. If you want to stay you can apply for a Posting Visa to the Church; Good Posting guarantees citizenship. Membership is entirely up to my discretion. :^) Hope to see you there! Good Posting to you.
  2. Which rich lying motherfucker do you want in the White House this time?
  3. Haven't you ever noticed that a lot of right wingers invoke either the Bible or Constitution as justification for their beliefs or actions? They certainly seem to have a hard-on for old unchangeable texts, as if their lives are ruined without some sort of bedrock of written word to support their fragile egos and shitty lives. I don't get it. I certainly don't need such things, I have my morals, ethics, my life, my will, my dreams to sustain me. If you're wondering what I'm rambling about, it's about the Oregon cowboys and their takeover of the nature site. Brokeback Oregon. Specifically, it's what someone said in this NYT article that caught my attention and prompted this. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/04/us/armed-group-vows-to-hold-federal-wildlife-office-in-oregon-for-years.html Um, wat? Okay, first off, how exactly is the constitution going to show who's on the right side? Right-wingers always want to throw around the Constitution as if the Constitution doesn't allow the US government to write laws and enact departments, WHICH IT DOES. The whole legislative branch is designed to write laws. The whole executive branch has departments under it. Do these people not understand basic civics? It's like the constitution is the choice buzz word for people on the right nowadays to sound smart and on the right side of history. I'm still not sure how it's un-constitutional for the government to own land like these gay cowboys seem to think. And I'm not even sure I WANT to get into how reading the Bible will show they're on the right side. Seriously. I wish I was there, I'd ask him to elaborate and he'd probably say "Well, you know, right? I don't have to explain it, you should know". Or some other vague answer without details or facts. I WANT to hear him give specific details on how their occupation of a wildlife center is justified by the bible, without vaguely interpreting a random bible verse to fit their needs. And people wonder why I can't take politics or religion seriously nowadays.
  4. Alright so for those who live in and around the UK might be aware, there is now a campaign to pull the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, the North of Ireland) out of the European Union. What gets to me is that most of the people who claim we should leave the EU are either in the political elite who are having wet dreams over the draconian measures they could impliment without the European Court of Justice harking at them, or the undereducated mind who is told the EU is making them poor when in fact it is the only thing investing in its city. We're all told "The EU is costing us such and such every day" but not once has any of them said what they'd exactly spend this money they'll save on. I'll use the North of Ireland as an example. As it stands the only thing that is keeping our 'economy' in any shape or form is the EU, it has invested in our people and in building projects more times in the past 10 years than the UK has in 100. If the UK was to leave then we would lose so many grants that many people depend on that we'd go on to not only being the poorest region of the UK and Ireland but possibly the poorest in Europe, many of our small farms and businesses would collapse without the added support we recieve. When the United Kingdom Independance Party (anti-eu) was out campaigning where I live I asked them if they had any interest on safe guarding the investments we get with the saved money and not one was able to give me the answer (in fact they all ignored the question and ranted on about how much it cost us but not once said "Yea we'd keep the money coming!") Onto another matter. When Scotland was holding its Independance vote they were all told by the Pro-UK parties that "We are a -family- of nations, we are stronger together!". Now it seems only reasonable as the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said "If there is a vote to leave the EU then it should be based on a unanimous decision by the nations within the UK". This of course angered the Anti-EU crowd who claim "No! It should be down to the majority of voters to decide! Even if that means that Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland vote to remain if the majority comes from England then we all leave!" That doesn't sound very much like a Family now does it? Why should we all suffer for the decisions the English make. There is only 2 regions that would benefit from leaving and that is London and the South-East of England... Funny enough that happens to be the Richest areas... The Scottish Nationalist Party (which controls Scotland with a super majority) has claimed that if England pulls the rest of the UK out of the EU then they will hold a second Independance referendum so as to remain within the EU. There is a chance that England will pull everyone out of the UK and in the process destroy the UK. Which is something I want but at the same time I don't want to be forced out of the EU by ultra-nationalists who can't see beyond "We had an Empire once!"