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Found 4 results

  1. This is your Trump megathread. Keep all Donald Trump and Trump policy-related debates and discussions to this thread. Any new ones created (and a few prior existing ones) will be closed or merged with this thread. DO NOT: Throw personal insults at other users in this thread, for their political beliefs or otherwise. Air personal drama related to the users in conversation rather than the actual thread topic. Shitpost in this thread. Anyone who does will receive an automatic infrac.
  2. Come join me tonight at 9 p.m. ET on my discord server, the Furrst Posting Church of Posting, for a viewing of tonight's presidential debate. Voice chat is encouraged and I welcome the expression of all political viewpoints and personal perspectives. Freedom of expression is what I'm all about. :^) What I'm not all about: 1.) Screaming like a waterhead into the microphone or spamming the chat - I will deport you like an illegal alien. 1.5) Don't post anything illegal you degenerates. 2.) Posting the link to the server publicly. I know you nerds think that "raids" are still a thing, but what will actually be a thing is that I'll expire the link, ban you, ban everyone who joined, and then you'll commit suicide under suspicious conditions for daring to oppose my will to power after I wipe you from the server like an incriminating email. 3.) Shitty microphones and annoying nerd voices: get a job and afford some real hardware and buy better vocal cords. You can PM me or message me on Discord (Zaraphayx#0438) for an invite. I might post one ITT shortly before the debate. If you want to stay you can apply for a Posting Visa to the Church; Good Posting guarantees citizenship. Membership is entirely up to my discretion. :^) Hope to see you there! Good Posting to you.
  3. A(n IMO) fairly well-sourced article touching upon the rise of the Alt-Right in the Western world over both the last couple years and the past decades overall. To avoid plagiarizing the whole thing, a choice section from later on in the article:
  4. Every single year I bitch about the fact that, for women, the only costumes available are "sexy" costumes, costumes designed to show off the woman's body because the whole point of a Halloween costume is to objectify women, right? And now even young girl's costumes are being sexualized, which is just fucked up in so many ways. While it's true that a woman can go and get a "men's" costume if she doesn't want something that's sexualized, maybe we need more options for women's costumes that aren't "sexy" instead of having 90% of the costumes be "sexy". Because of the "sexy costume" trend, we get things that don't even deserve to be sexy. Like what I just found. Sexy Donald Trump. As if there's anything sexy about Trump, his comb over, or his orange skin. This does make me wonder what other "sexy" costumes that exist that should have never seen the light of day. Google has all sorts of clickbait links with suggestions.
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