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Clove Darkwave

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For those of you who don't want to use a godawful IRC client, you can check out Discord as it's a free app that's great for browser/desktopapp/mobileapp:

Here's a server invite link that is good for the next 24 hours, after that you can either look for a recent post here and if it's expired post asking for one or PM me and I'll send you another one when I have the chance. I believe users in the server may also provide links so try asking them:


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I will give this a try, despite having HexChat on my Windows machine already. Any time I see "avoid godwawful IRC client" I am intrigued.

PS: I could not have imagined how busy the IRC channel was when I did this at 1:56 Central. You're a damned drug dealer and you should feel bad. /s

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I'm a bit leery of it based on its privacy policy especially regarding information collection. What do they need to store all my chats info in a centralized server for? Is it for just a chat history?


If it's free, then they're making money off ad targeting. Can you tell me a bit more about what all it does and how?

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I really wish there was a single program I could use that combined Skype, Telegram, Discord and IRC all into one program... that'd make my life a lot easier xP

There isn't really any one-size-fits-all communication app, in most respects that's a good thing as the UX often suffers with the inevitable compromises unless the designers know what they are doing; many do not.

I would absolutely love to see consolidation so I wouldn't need to maintain multiple accounts for different users who're using and prefer incompatible systems. I'm likely to remain chained to: Skype, Telegram/WhatsApp and Google Voice/Hangouts as well as Jabber and IRC.

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