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Hello fuzzbutts!


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First thing is first, I have made many accounts on FA as well as the forums lol. You may end up stumbling across them (I wouldn't be surprised). However this is going to be my primary account. I have gone long enough just being a lurker, like literally since 2007. So it is time to change that and start commissioning stuff ;3 and chit chattin in the forums. SO feel free to pm me or whatever, I am honestly wanting to make some new friends and I just like meeting new people in general. So many different personalities c:

Anyways who is me?
I am just a 20 year old furry that is currently enlisted in the Army, not to mention I am transgender as well. Which I am happy to announce that I literally began Hormone replacement therapy a week ago. SO WHOOOOT!
I have been in the army for 1 year and a month and have 2 years and 12 weeks left till I can get out. I am still thinking if I want to re-enlist, but here is the thing do I want to enjoy college life as finally the true me and still in my 22s & just be in the national guard with that 10,000 dollar bonus for 3 years, showing up like one weekend every month. OR do I want to stay active duty and have the station of choice...

Well, regardless, I plan to move & go to school in San Fran. 

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