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A pleasure to be here, I'm Miso, it's nice to meet you all. I'm a 20 something year old guy who likes to doodle a lot. My fursona is a green opossum called Tate (you'll see in attachment). He's a punk, both figuratively and literally. I've been a furry for years, and have always enjoyed drawing, so I associate both these things very closely, as pretty much all I draw are furries, lol. But anyways, if you wanna know anything, just ask me!

tate hair.png

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I always like seeing more nice artists join up.  Welcome!

Aw yeah artists everywhere!



Welcome to the jungle. I'm told we have fun and games. If you see any, please report them immediately.

Will do--

You were part of the fun and games once...

you killed everyone involved. 

OP, please do not report any fun and games to Gin. 

OR NOT? Loll 

Hey welocme! I am in absolute love with your art style and character design, that shit rocks.! If you ever want an art trade, let me know... If not, I'll try a combination of vague threats and money throwing to get one of thems pieces.

Oh gosh, thank you! That means a lot :'3 I'm currently full on art trades right now, but I do take $10 full body commissions and stuff~ You can see more of my work on my FA or DA if you'd like! But anyways, thank you ALL for the warm welcomes C:

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