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Chibi cat fursona cliche


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4 minutes ago, Brass said:

Man are sparkle animals still  a thing with the kids? I thought it was all warrior cats and my little pony now. 

Nah it's like 2edgy4u wolf...things, Sonic and FNAF OC's, and of course pony shit.

Also apparently there's a few Undertale OC's now since of course there fucking is.

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xP Haha, truthfully I noticed this cliche. Its a deviantart thing...back when I was on DA there were tons of feral characters with this trait. Its how I got into the fursona and furry thing.

Ahem...tbh the hair-over-eye thing is something I originally put on my 'sona...and still has. Im a sparkledog, fine, I admit it?

And wings too? Yeah total DA Sparkle

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The next big thing to take over the furry web will be sparkle chimps and it will be started by me. Granted, this was done months ago but these things take time you can't expect me to revolutionise the animal art world overnight. 




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