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Yes! Yes! Just when I thought all was lost I am met with this beautiful, sexy new site! Thank you so much Carenath and whoever else made this possible. If you'd like a drawing send me a PM and we'll figure something out, yes? It's only fair I repay your effort. Just, anthros only, no ferals 'cause I suck at 'em


Anyway, nickname's Amiir White. My interests are those of your average adolescent: I like videogames, movies, music... I'm a Deus Ex HR, Fallout 3, GTA IV, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 1-2 and Metro 2034 fan while my favourite movies are (amongst others) Interstellar, Mad Max Fury Road and Dredd 2012. So yeah! I especially like the near future sci-fi/cyberpunk and post apocalyptic genres. As for favourite music, soundtrack all the way (with some due exceptions, of course, like Motorhead)

I also draw and while I still can't call my art ''my pride and joy'' I admit I'm pretty content with it (psst, if you want you can check out my gallery *coughshamelessadvertisingcough*)

In case you were wondering, my persona is a sirani, an alien species I created inspired by bovines and lizards.

Personality wise I'm not much of a people's person but I try my best to be. I'm a moody guy and can get... Angry too sometimes, but I'm trying to fix that as well. I'da called honesty my greatest virtue but that's a lie hahaha!


Can't think of anything else. Man am I glad we have a forum again

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