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First Time Fursuiting - Questions


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Fursuiting/cosplaying has always been very fascinating to me. It took me years until I felt a little more sure about pursuing the hobby someday - especially now that I've come into a job, and a way to travel. I haven't gotten a fursuit yet due to the possibility that I may get one for naught. I'd like to explore what I could do beforehand, and also learn how to wear the costume safely yet still have fun. I have a few dilemmas that I'd love to have addressed if possible since I am nervous about trying it out! I have been reading some fursuiter guides too, but still -

  1.  As someone who's very shy in real life, I usually do not know where to reach out for any places to visit, or any furmeets. I'm aware that cons are a good place to start too once I can somehow get there.
  2.  I do not know anyone else that I'm close to who does fursuits too although I know a few people who are fine with being handlers (I've discussed getting one before with family). Unfortunately, those handlers are from another state, and I only get to see them a few weeks out of the year. I could always learn to make some new friends though? lol
  3.  For a first time (potential) fursuiter, what's a good way to start using it? Like... is it best to "break it in" inside the household? Maybe bring it to family parties if people are comfortable with it?
  4.  What are some good, yet safe areas if a fursuiter is still sticking around in their own town? Any other places to try to legally meet with up other fursuiters/handlers in a public area?
  5.  Is it better to get a commission than a premade fursuit? I know that it may be a struggle if I aim for fullsuits. I'm pretty petite despite my age (aka I'm 4'11). I do not really have much of a fursona either.

Any other advice is much appreciated! And I'm sorry if I do not make any sense. Sometimes my brain just dies in the middle of asking questions, or I do not know how to word it properly.


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I'd start with a partial if you don't know if you're actually going to wear it. 

Cons are a great place to suit because you don't NEED a handler. It makes things safer, always, to have one, but cons are where it is safest to be without one besides your own home. 

That said, see what your limits are at home first. How long can you wear it just sitting? How long standing? How long being hyper? Know this and tell your handlers when you have them.

Furmeets are great for around town stuff. If you want to do events, email or call the people in charge well before going. This is also true of going inside businesses, get permission! 

Premade vs commissioned fursuit is up to you, though with premade, I'd try to go for a head and tail and commission the rest, so they fit right. 

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4 hours ago, MissFleece said:

Cons are a great place to suit because you don't NEED a handler. It makes things safer, always, to have one, but cons are where it is safest to be without one besides your own home. 


For a first time suiter, you are better with a handler, especially if it is your first time suiting. A lot of in-suit accidents happen when first timers overestimate their limits and this is speaking from a full-time staffer at cons. Furry cons there are people that can help you in the event of an emergency (dehydration, over-heating). At other cons, you'll have to count on either yourself or someone familiar with fursuiting to help you in the event of over heating and such.


Meets are better for first timers because there are a lot of people who are familiar with fursuiting, and there will always be more than five people who will help you get prepared to suiting at conventions. 


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Go for premade first. You can pick up a cheap partial on furbuy, dealersden, etsy, facebook, ect. and then find out if you like wearing it first. If you love the partial, then you can go and drop the big money on a nice suit. :) 

Fursuits with open mouths actually grant foot vision for when you are walking up and down stairs. Avoid escalators though and opt for the stairs or an elevator (just watch for tails or wings getting caught). 

Also, if you are suiting in public and you scare an animal or child, cover your face and turn away (aka act scared). I've suited around animals and it really helps (baby animals are very nippy or scratchy and view you as a toy).

Don't be afraid to take off your head in case of emergency or if you feel like you're about to black out/throw up.

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