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DON'T go onto steam right now


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There are reports of people seeing other user's personal and account information, being logged in as another user, etc. Best thing to do is to NOT TOUCH steam whatsoever if this is a cache overflow issue like reports suggest, and unlink your paypal account from steam if you have one. Watch your bank account transactions during the coming weeks and if there are any odd transactions, report it to your bank These are just precautions because Valve hasn't disclosed the full extent of the issue yet.

I was wondering why my steam store page was in Russian....

Merry fucking Christmas - Valve

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Valve have now said they're aware:


Account information incorrect
We've gotten reports that people sometimes see other people's account information on the account page. Valve has been made aware of this and are working on a fix.

Some frequently asked questions:
- No, Steam is not hacked

- Creditcard info and phone numbers are, as required by law, censored and not visible to users
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Just now, Catilda Lily said:

I don't think I updated my steam account with my new card number, I should be okay, though I really want to check it now.

People still could've potentially seen your real name, address, last few digits of phone numbers, email, ect. That has been more than enough in the past to gain access to accounts (doesn't even have to be steam).

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28 minutes ago, Kinare said:


Not too scary really. Yeah, sometimes people can see some tidbits, but not enough to do anything with and they can't log in as you.

It's still a major security issue. I'd rather not have my adress and phone numbers leaked on the internet. It just gives crimials more information to be able to pull off identity theft.

It's worrying because people have been able to access cached payment pages https://i.imgur.com/9ZHf0yF.png

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