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What sites do you frequent?


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GUYS, I need to find more sites to visit. Provide a list of sites you frequent so I can be less bored

  • Reddit - It's reddit, how do you not know what reddit is
  • GTAForums - A toxic forum about the GTA games
  • Phoenixed Forums - Furry trash
  • FurAffinity - Furry trash
  • NeoGAF - The worst source for gaming news

That's goddamn it. I need more.

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I think I frequent even less sites, mostly art stuff. Also what's a reddit?

  • gog forums - Video games and general discussion
  • Vinesauce/Twitch - Video game streamers and chat
  • Phoenix Forums - Furry stuff
  • FurAffinity, Weasyl, Furiffic, et cetera - Furry stuff
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RageSelect-my favorite and only real Let's Plays that I'll watch

Youtube-videos, podcasts

IGN-quick look at gaming and entertainment news and to look at the wild comment sections that can go on

WatchCartoonsOnline-when I want to catch up on cartoons I haven't seen in a while (warning though, lots of pop-ups sometimes)

Do porn sites count, or does Furaffinity already satisfy that need? :V

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Youtube, various anthropology and biology blogs, numerous news sites (with an increasing number of alternative news outlets being added to the mix), Wikipedia, Roleplayerguild.com, several torrent sites, an unofficial forum for a mobile MOBA that I frequently play, e621, and a small collection of relatively unimportant miscellaneous websites that I occasionally visit.  

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  • 4chan - /g/ /mu/ /wg/ /ic/, or whenever I need porn refs.
  • 8ch - /furry/ /tech/
  • Reddit - I need to justify my atheism privileges.
  • e621, Weasyl, Deviantart - Theme references, porn, terrible shipping ideas when I need a reason to drink.
  • Wunderlist - todos
  • Phoenixed Forums
  • Tweetdeck - twitter
  • Github - looking at projects, handling commits/source.
  • Youtube - endless binge watching.
  • Backpack.tf, trade.tf, scrap.tf, scan.tf, tf2outpost - tf2 trading.
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