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The hype is real....it won't be long until final fantasy 7 remake is released and i was really looking forward to it but i was too young to play the original. Luckily for me the ps4 has a PSN version so i bought that (and it came with an awesome theme :3) 


BUT! Upon inspection i noticed something rather peculiar THE FILE SIZE!!!!



surprisingly large for PS1 game right? PS2 games aren't usually that big either!

And i checked, in total the game should be around 1.7 GB


SO WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED?! ITS A FUCKING PS1 GAME I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR A GAME LIKE THIS TO BE DOWNLOADED! (I have extremely slow internet...like less than half a megabyte per second) the thing is nothing has been touched with this game as far as i know, Its a direct port! Besides what would making a PS1 game have 1080p do anyway? It'll still look the same 


so why do i have to wait what's about 19 hours or so for a game that was made a year before i was even born!? 

Just a reminder, New n tasty a remake for the ps4 of the first oddworld game is only 3 GB more than this PS1 port 



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7 minutes ago, Nova said:

Its a large game, its typical for final fantasy games.

 I had a look online. With all the disks combined the game only comes up to around 1.7 GB not 4.2

the funny thing is, that is exactly how much data the PS3 PSN and vita take up roughly. So it just really comes to mind that i have enough data there for 2 or 3 more copies of the game. The only sense i could make of it is that it was with a bundle (comes with midgar theme...only 50MB btw) so maybe the game comes with crisis core or something...but that is hugely unlikely since it was never mentioned in the description

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Weird, when I got it on my PSP I think it was a little over 1GB. It did come with the manual and such, but there's nothing I can think of that would take up that much space.

Edit: Ah, just looked it up, the original PS1 version isn't on PS4, you would have got the updated version which runs in a higher resolution and has upscaled backgrounds.  I didn't expect that to triple the size, though.

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