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Let's Play Terraria


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I started a Terraria server a while back and then forgot about, so I'll post it here as well to see if anyone wants to play.

Server IP is, port 7777, password is Peeko.

I'm kind of a noob at the game. It's a relatively new world and @Revates has been making the most progress in it so far.

It's just a simple server for fun.  I'll keep it running as much as I can, my internet is usually reliable, and I'll join in whenever I have the time.

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13 hours ago, 6tails said:

I will join in some time sooner or later with a fresh character!

The more the merrier.  We should have plenty of hand me down equipment in the chests and I know there are a few crystal hearts some where.  Point of reference if you want to join we are already in hard mode and have defeated Planterra, but like I said there should be enough equipment to help you catch up.

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@6tails I don't think it will be a problem if you want to bring in other characters I would just be excited to have more people playing.

@Mikazuki Marazhu We are playing on Steam, but you need to join via the IP in the opening post

@jcstinks We haven't been using skype, teamspeak, or anything of the like yet.  We haven't really been having enough people on for communication to be an issue yet, but I could be up for using some chat service if that is what people want to do.

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