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Art Requests Open (Building a Portfolio)


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Hey guys! So here's the deal. I am trying to build up a professional portfolio that covers all of my talents for freelancer.com and in order to do so I need some up to date examples of my work. I have been studying various design fields and advertisement fields for countless years so now I feel I might want to put my own attempts forward. I have never been fond of mock-up pieces or creating fake companies because it just felt like I had no end goal as I had no real client on the other end. And so I am opening requests...

Everything I might supply from this thread is completely out of the box experimental for me as I will be trying different styles and design elements to achieve something new. I can't guarantee any sort of quality on your request at this time as I am still unsure where I sit with these things...

Also as this is really out of the box for me I ask humbly to please supply me as much information as you can for your project. For example if you want an album cover than please try and give me some examples of what you would like, color schemes, or maybe even some ideas you already have in mind. The more information I have for each request the more likely I will be able to comfortably get around to it. Depending how this thread pans out I cannot promise that I will get around to all of these or even half. This is all experimental.

If I do choose to work on your request I will let you know as I come up to completion in a PM. 

Below feel free to make requests for some of the following things:

  • Full Page Illustrations Scenes (I'm already almost full on these however I wanted to give the thread a chance)
  • Logo Designs
  • Album Covers
  • Book/E-Book Covers
  • Stylistic Icons
  • Other... suggest something else in the comments below

(All request should be SFW this go around, anything requested that is NSFW or fetish based will be ignored.)

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here is my ref sheet

album covers? sounds interesting. the question wich comes up in my mind though now.

is it an alternate version of an exsistent one?

if so. i would like to see one of the single cover of el manana. the gorrilaz are probably my favourite band and this cover reminds me of a certain feeling i had often back in the day.

if not. well. how about me playing piano. somwhere in the wilderness. while it is snowing...oh how i miss playing piano...*cough*

anyways. those are my ideas. i hope it is not too much asked for and also that this informations are enough for you to work with. (if you really do so of course). if you still have questions though don't mind asking.

other then that, have a nice one. ^^

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This sounds great :D

Thanks a lot for offering, I'm very interested to see my sona incorporated in a logo so I could use it on my future art as a signature.

Of course, anything else would be great as well, I'll just link you my list of current characters, if any of them can help you out just go ahead and help yourself xD

Hell Charm (snow leopard - fursona)

Rook (demonic canine)

Blue (yohkanu - closed species)

Cagn (wolf)

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