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Toshabi is Hungry! :(


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I'm in line at a Mexican restraunt. How did I end up here, you ask? Well, it all started an hour ago when my husbando and I were talking about food to eat. You see, he works late and I work the day shift. As such, we always have dinner late at night instead of at 6 like normal house holds, but I've gotten used to this, kind of. Anyways, we started discussing our meal plans over the phone. I had shrimp kebabs on lock down, seeing how I just visited the fish market and brought back home some good eats for grilling (Yummy!). He seemed convinced (his mouth was watering when I went over our carefully constructed meal plan), and this would mean that I could pick off some loose shrimp on the grill to satisfy my craving while I awaited his return. Right before he hangs up *on the phone* "EEEEEY MAAAAAN, COMO ESTAS, AMIGO!?", mother fucking Andre >:^[.



I fucking HATE Andre. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you why: He always has a way of convincing people to do stupid shit that he does. Andre rides to work on a bike? The office starts a bikepool club. Andre wants to watch soccer? I'm forced to watch the highlights at lunch. Andre wants to take Friday off? EVERYONE BUT ME gets to have it off. 


I hope Andre gets his nuts scratched off by a flock of angry sparrows.



So Andre comes in on the phone and talks about his MAGNIFICO ROLLED TACOS that he has at aome Mexican joint half way down town. I was already tearing off the plastic from the packed shrimp when all of a sudden, the husbando says "OMFG TOSHABABES! LETS GET ROLLED TACOS!".



FUFK YOU ANDRE YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK! It's 8:50 FUUUUCKING PM. I wanna eat NOW. But nope, I can't say no to my husbando. Actually, I don't even know HOW it happened. He said something nice to me and BAM, I awake to "Okay, I'll pick up the rolled tacos and see you at home :3".



Soooo im here now. Sitting in line. In some dirt bag mexican restraunt. Waiting to bring home rolled tacos instead of shrimp kebabs. All because of that mother fucking ass hole Andre. 





I just want a bite to eat now. :(

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