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Board will not let you have rectangular avatars

Crazy Lee

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Well, if there wasn't one more thing for me to dislike completely about this board software, it's this.

You cannot have a rectangular picture for your avatar. If you try to upload one, it forces you to crop the image as a square. And trust me, I tried to move the bottom and the top of the crop box to make it a rectangle. No go. The forum resizes avatars to 90 x 90 px for the forum, and 120 x 120 px for the profiles... even downsizing the image file to 90px along the longest length it still cropped it to a box.

I doubt you guys can change this, or do anything about it, but it is irritating. I'm thinking the board software writers were trump fans or something. My current avatar is square and just has transparencies on either side.

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Every forum I've ever been on has used square avs.
Hell, most websites in general that I've used have had square avs.

At least the transparency actually looks like transparency, and there isn't a border around the avatar space.
Been on ones that did that, and that was always fucking annoying for like little pixel avatars and shit.

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