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Hello! Good to meet you!

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I'm new to the fandom, but very interested. I'm hoping to eventually get into fursuiting and go to conventions, as well as learning to draw! I'm not very knowledgeable about the fandom, so please excuse any rookie mistakes I make, and I'd appreciate any help or tips about the forum, the fandom, suiting, art , or anything! Thanks, and have a good one.

P.S If I wasn't supposed to put this here please let me know. I'm new....

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4 hours ago, DrDingo said:


Just say hi to people and be yourself. We're all here to have fun.

Unless you're a moderator with responsibilities, I guess

But you're not one of those! So have fun!

Oh, and don't be afraid to message people if you wanna chat with them

Thanks! The tips are always appreciated!

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On 28/03/2016 at 9:33 AM, DrDingo said:

I have to commend you: You joined less than a week ago and you already have 160 posts.

I dig your style. Weird to think this is your intro thread now.

Yea it seems like ages ago, but I joined, (I refuse to believe this.) nine days ago. I still find that hard to believe, it feels I've been on this forum much longer.

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