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Gor blimey, it's the Cockney Rhyming Slang Game!


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One person posts a word (preferably one that isn't in the Cockney dictionary already) and the next person has to turn it into Cockney Rhyming Slang

Now, this isn't just about rhyming. Cockney slang works by only saying the first word of a two-to-four-word phrase, the LAST word of which rhymes with the word that's really meant. So, the second person has to take the first person's word, turn it into a sensible phrase, then rhyme with THAT.

Here's a few genuine ones:

Raspberry = Raspberry Tart = Fart
Boat = Boat Race = Face
Bristols = Bristol City = Titties

Example of play:
Bob: Ketchup
George: Ketchup Sauce, meaning 'Of Course'.

Sound good? Everybody ready? Here we go! The first word is:


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Non English users are apparently going to struggle with this. 

Why not just give up and march your plates of meat up the apples and pears to your room, sit down and have a sherman? :V 


Word for anybody who understands rhyming slang to translate: Fursuit

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10 hours ago, Saxon said:

Non english users 're apparently garn ter struggle wif this.

why not just give up and march your plates of meat up the apples and pears ter your va va voom, sit daahhhn and 'ave a sherman? :v

word for anybody 'oo understands rhymin' Matheson Lang ter translate: fursuit


http://www.whoohoo.co.uk/cockney-translator.asp for those who don't get rhyming slang and still want to play.

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