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Was Victor Hugo a Furry?


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Using a post-modern critical-fur perspective (PMCF), let's examine this passage from Les Miserables:

"It is our conviction that if souls were visible to the eyes, we should be able to see distinctly that strange thing that each one individual of the human race corresponds to some one of the species of the animal creation; and we could easily recognize this truth, hardly perceived by the thinker, that from the oyster to the eagle, from the pig to the tiger, all animals exist in man, and that each one of them is in a man. Sometimes even several of them at a time.

Animals are nothing else than the figures of our virtues and our vices, straying before our eyes, the visible phantoms of our souls. God shows them to us in order to induce us to reflect. Only since animals are mere shadows, God has not made them capable of education in the full sense of the word; what is the use? On the contrary, our souls being realities and having a goal which is appropriate to them, God has bestowed on them intelligence; that is to say, the possiblity of education. Social education, when well done, can always draw from a soul, of whatever sort it may be, the utility which it contains."

What say you, Phoenix? Are fursonas "visible phantoms of our souls?" Do we all correspond to an animal? Was Victor Hugo a secret manimal, posting monographs before his time?

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I've got to say I really like the poetic nature of this passage, I've not read anything from Les Miserables before, but I think that suggesting that any human being is best represented by the spirit of an oyster ruins it for me. Oysters are not as poetic as tigers and eagles; they are not phantoms of the soul.

Definitely written by a furfag though. One with an oyster fursona, probably. 


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3 hours ago, Saxon said:

One with an oyster fursona, probably. 


Is that even possible.

I've never eaten an oyster, but they've never struck me as particularly, furry. Unless it's been out too long.

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2 hours ago, Pignog said:

Who will collaborate with me on my anthro-manga adaptation of Les Miserables

Animanicas did it already, or at least did a short.  'Les Miseranimals'  I think.  Not quite as deep as the original.  


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