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Oh hay, this asshole's back in business

Crazy Lee

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Years and years ago... (around 2008 or so), I took my car to a mechanic who was a terrible person. He acted like a used car salesman, was way too laid back, ignored me at times when I tried to ask questions, and let go of his better mechanics under him for the strangest reasons (One of his very good mechanics, one of those "I've done this my whole life" types, was fired under mysterious circumstances). I went to him a few times but gave up after realizing what a crook he was. The last straw was when he refused to honor his warranties that were ON PAPER. For instance, I once bought tires from him. One developed a sidewall bulge after a short bit. He refused to replace the tire claiming it was due to misalignment, and I didn't get my car aligned when I purchased the tire, so the warranty was void. First off, sidewall bulge is not caused by misalignment, it's caused by damaged sidewall belts, either due to manufacturing defect or an impact on the tire sidewall. Second of all, he didn't have an alignment rack, so how was I supposed to get an alignment? I could have actually taken him to court and won, if he didn't honor his warranties.
In any case I watched him move his business twice, and then disappear.

So, why am I bringing up something from nearly 10 years ago? Because the fucker is in the news again, having moved a few cities over, and is being an even bigger dickwad.


A story from earlier this year where he called someone a faggot, and then trolled the news media.

And then, more recently:


I was thinking "This can't be the same guy, can it?"
BUT OF COURSE IT IS! After watching the Fox2 video above, it was the same mother fucking asshole, now in a new location.

Look at all the reviews on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/whitneys-tire-and-auto-repair-ann-arbor-4

I have a feeling this guy is a scam artist. Not an actual mechanic, because when I did business with him, I never EVER saw him pick up a wrench. But the fact he took people's money and run, has changed locations and business names multiple times, and has even gone under different names, makes me believe he's a con artist of the worst kind. I want to get back at this guy and I'm wondering how I can do it.

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Yeah, you can blame civilization. 

The day the government and court system was put in charge of punishing people for being crooks the number of crooks started to grow exponentially. 

I might not like much about middle eastern laws but you don't see people steal things over there. 

They chop your hand off if you get caught. 

Most people don't go to court over this stuff. Maybe if we were a little less civilized thieves would stop thieving. 

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Gentleman, behold! A prime example of a what you shouldn't see in a mechanic. He's also in the running for worst customer service rep of the year. 

Right now I'm just thinking about the many migraines this hack has caused other mechanics. these type of guys can only make things worse instead of fixing them and can't really fix much. My advice is to warn as many people as you can about this guy. 

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*gets out bucket of popcorn*

This keeps getting better and better. The guy was evicted last month because the building owner couldn't handle his shit. The state government is looking into him. Wow.

I'll admit that a lot of this is based on "he said, she said". The original Yelp post, if it existed, is gone. I have no idea if this guy has actually said anything bad about blacks, or gays, or anything.

But, I can say with certainty that my own experiences with the guy in the past were not pleasant. Anecdotal, I know. But he felt like a con artist. The fact that he's changed locations several times, and the fact he's gone by at least a few names that I've seen (Whitney Passino, Jim Smith, ect), tells me he's not a good person. And, the one-star yelp reviews go back some years. I think I've seen one from 2011, and I know he's been around several years before that. BBB's website gives him an F rating as well.

And look at how smug and trollish he acts like in that video. 


He'll lay low and be back later on, in a different place, screwing people over. Unless he gets arrested for doing illegal stuff.

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he left a comment stating that someone hacked his account.

4/15/2016  Our account was accessed by an unknown individual that placed those disgusting comments.

Everyone is welcome at our store and if we find who wrote those unbelievable comments they will be dealt with.  Sorry no story here. Just an ordinary store that does repairs.
Even if your the kind of person to addict a 13 year old to crack for your gain or are in and out of prison.
If you want t leave your tuff neighborhood and travel to our safe and beautiful town full of 90% self supported law respecting hard working residents to buy a worn out low tread used tire..we welcome your 30 dollar sal

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