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Calling all dragons! And scalies, too.


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Looking to make some friends of the scaled variety like yourself? Tired of being a lone scalie? Come and check out our new Discord server aimed directly at you!

There's not enough reptile-oriented chatrooms out there and we're looking to fix that. Now that summer is here, we're itching to make friends with whom to spend time with.

We're only just getting off our feet, but we plan on having movie streams, gaming sessions, competitions, and the like if enough people join. Don't worry, we also have adult channels for art, talk, and RPs set up for those who have an interest in that. Our goal is to bring together the scales of the furry fandom (and overthrow those smelly things). If you're interested, shoot me a message and I'll send you an invite!

Just be sure to have a proper Discord account and put on your sociable face!


Seriously, though. The more who join, the more fun we can have. And I'm sorry to the furs who are interested. Draw up a quick reptilian character and you're in. v:

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Is it possible to join if we're fans of this sort of thing? Scalies are rad.

5 hours ago, SkyboundTerror said:

Falaffel is rad.

Faleffel? I don't know about food from the middle east. Isn't that whole area a little iffy?


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I talked to the others who set up the server and they said it's fine if you don't have a dragon/reptile character (I'd prefer it this way since it'll allow more people to join). As long as the server maintains focus on its original goal, I'm cool with it.

I'll shoot you guys some PMs!

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