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Help me find anime horror series


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Apparently there's a lot, so to narrow it down:

Stuff I like in horror

- Three-dimensional characters of whom its fairly convincing they have lives outside the runtime of the movie/series.

- Characters who can stand on their feet when the protagonist isn't around.

- The ability to generate uncomfortable atmosphere.

- Some sense of paranoia.

- Characters who, if they die (or may die), I'd actually feel some empathy.  One of the movies I consider the pivotal films of my horror experience makes feel genuine warmth when watching the family and has a character who's death always makes me cry. After all, "horror" is an emotional response.

Things I don't like in horror-

- Jump "scares".

- The meme that people are only interesting if they're a vampire or a psychic, or, apparently the most mundane of the mundane, an ex-special forces guy. This is actually one of the reasons I don't like horror-themed primetime shows.

- "Killing" the protagonist or love interest for shock value only to reveal actually, no, they aren't dead 

- The idea that if the love interest the protagonist has been crushing on for two months dies, thats somehow worse than his/her childhood friends or family dying (because, you know, you can always get another childhood).

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