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Second fursona/persona: Setsuna ;)


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I worked on her like 1 month and made a description

Name Setsuna Christine jay nefora

Title:Lord of blood

Quote:"I only like you because your blood is good".



Species:???, suspected to be demon who choosed luposite as host

Appearance: As normal she wears a short dress.

Red markings around eyes and big horn on head

Fur is white 


Red eyes

Worsleya blue hair

Personality: Sometimes her naughty side awakes in her but normaly she is hyperactive and tries to find a boyfriend

Backroundstory:Setsuna is one of novas best friends, they fight together as mahou shoujo and save the people from the chaos. Nobody knows where she comes from, people think she is a demon that choosed a luposite as host .Is it true?

Likes: blood, Money, sunlight,flying around

Dislikes:blood with clumps, messy hair, anti social people

Flaws/issues:Goes on rampagne when consuming blood, cant look people into the eyes, talks in unfitting situations

Abilities:Blood controll, shape shifting

Setsuna is able to use her own blood and shape it like she want and can use it as deadly weapons, since she us a demon her ability is extremly strong

Mahou shoujou identity name: Oracion

(Oracion means prayer)

Appearance: hair grows 60 cm and has a on top of her hair a ribbon made of hair.

Luposite ribbon on back

Wears a kimono made of blood and star fibers.

As oracion she gains the element light and balances her blood thirst.

Extra fact: She isnt pure but was still able to become a mahou shoujo, purity doesnt matter as the crystal of the transformation device neutralizes the demon energy.


Please dont bash on me like everytime, i really worked hard on this and it would really break my heart if someone is rude to me 😢





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2 minutes ago, Nova said:

Nope,  what even is homestuck.

I choosed lord instead of lady because lady of blood sounds like having the period.

Well, homestuck is a webcomic,.in which a group of people and aliens play a game that destroys the world.

In the game, you can get the title of lord of Blood.

The lord of blood Controls blood, controls through blood.

Lords are the active half of the two Master Classes, and their counterparts are the more passive Muses. Lords possess the combined powers of all of the active basic classes (Knight, Mage, Thief, Witch, Maid, and Prince). They are the most active of all the classes, and little is known about them. They are extremely powerful, and are constantly doing something - they would never let anyone else outdo them for even a moment.

Blood is the aspect of unity, family, bonds, friendship, and responsibility. It’s counterpart is Breath. Blood players tend to be overly serious - often to a laughable point. Blood players may also have unique physical blood - such as a mutation, rare blood type, or disease - or a unique bloodline/ family tree.

The Lord of Blood would have the ability to completely control emotional bonds, friendship, unity, and responsibility. While this particular title is not overly likely to abuse their power in a tyrannical fit of dominance, they are still not someone to pick a fight with. They would likely be very fair and rule-oriented, but still frighteningly powerful. The Lord of Blood has a uniquely active class paired with a very group-oriented aspect, making for an interesting balance.

No session with a Muse or Lord could be called typical, but the role of a Lord of Blood in an Sburb session is a active one; creating, destroying, and altering bonds and responsibility.

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