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Oh, The Irony


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I'm at some church (I think) donation place with a bunch of other homeless people because I only have like two work shirts and I start working a six figure job on Monday. What I've never gotten is why people ask for everything and then complain when the free shit that was donated to them isn't up to their lofty expectations.

In the waiting room they are giving out free food and drink. I was kind of surprised, I had a coffee and orange juice. Someone was upset that they didn't have a mocha when they asked. Then he started complaining that the only thing they had was ham and cheese sandwiches (they actually have cheese, crackers, fruit and chips but I'm guessing he was expecting ahi tuna, or maybe some filet mignon with a buer blanc sauce). Then he asked someone if they have a camping stove, and a German military coat. What a fucking idiot.

Then he saw me and showed me some Jesus tattoo he had and asked me who it was. I shrugged at him because I don't really give a shit about him or anything else for that matter besides getting work shirts and getting out if here. Then he started complaining about people on their phone. "You can't call God on that phone! I like money! I like God!"

I looked at him and said "I'm just a software developer. I don't know anything about that."

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I'm really lucky to have mostly met religious people--even deeply religious people--who weren't hypocrites and actually take "love thy neighbor and the poor" shit to heart.

Cept my grandparents who dislike blacks, love sunday mass, and plan on burning through all of their money gambling so their kids can't have it. They're pretty awful.

But will be dead soon so meh.

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I should add, after I posted that and I was getting clothes the guy ended up apologizing to me. He said he doesn't know why he gets so mad sometimes and I could have told him that religion is putting him in a perpetual state of guilt, but instead I just said it's all good and we all have our moments.

After all, I'm not sure someone like that is even capable of getting a job and what else besides religion is going to seem to give his life meaning? I'd be kidding myself and  also stupid if I thought anyone could be convinced that easily that something so rudimentary to them is simply there as a crutch.

I can't believe in something without empirical evidence to back it up. I generally use Occam's Razor as a quick sanity check which is probably why I disregarded religion so early on. The truth is, most people can't simply accept that there are no answers to some pretty basic questions but these are also the people the churches try to recruit by taking advantage of their desperate situation and using tricks like basic operant conditioning. You would think people would see right through this shit, but they don't. Heh. Ignorance is bliss :V

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33 minutes ago, root said:

He sounds mentally ill to me.


You get used to seeing varying levels of craziness in every degree being around the homeless long enough, especially in certain places. And yeah, it was very likely a narcissistic personality thing, or less likely something the matter with his 7th chromosome :V

I think I've seen just about all the disorders in the DSM at this point. It's pretty cool ^^

But yes, I agree and that's why I'm not sure he can even get a job in the first place. I'd assume anyone in any type of work environment wouldn't be able to stand him. Maybe sales? Anyway, that's not relevant to the OP anyway, and it's an example of something I see rather frequently.

Yesterday some lady sleeping in a tent right beside me was screaming about not being able to fit her massive collection of worthless shit in the small amount of space that she had. That was the second-most extreme case of an obsessive compulsive hording complex I've seen there. The first was a colored lady a while ago (who first hated me because I was white until she actually was convinced I wasn't a racist) who got barred from the camp simply because her massive mountain of worthless crap was taking up too much space. Instead of getting rid of it, she carried it piece by piece about a half block down the street where I saw her with her stuff the very next day before she vanished.

That was pretty sad, TBH.

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