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Rear wheels overhaul - Post your fixes!


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Done some work on your ride? This is the thread to show it!

In my case it's those long due rear brakes and drums.


Old shoes. I was removing the return spring (that horseshoe-shaped piece).


And the new ones.


It's got new drums and new bearings too. One particular thing with the Tercel is the fact that the drum and the hub are made in a single piece.

Drove 10km or so to test everything. I didn't end up in the ditch, which is a good sign usually. :P

Up next may be the radiator. I'm 99% sure a coolant leak comes from it. If it's not too tough a job I may replace it myself. Otherwise I'll just take it to the shop.


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Oh I'm having some fun with my car at the moment. Had a flat tire yesterday and when I went to pull off my tire, most of the lugnuts seized up. The shop that put my wheels on last really fucked up the studs/lugnuts because they are stripped and eaten to shit! So now I have to replace the studs, lugnuts and possibly even my wheel if it turns out that its messed up. fun stuff.

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12 hours ago, Yarra said:

Man I haven't seen a Tercel in years. Great job on the overhaul.  Looks like that piston could use a replacement pretty soon, too.

They're still plentiful around here. Many of them are well past 300 000 km and still running perfectly!

Yeah the cylinders are getting pretty rusty :P  As long as they don't leak I won't touch them.

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I'm hoping to fix my ghetto buggy (I believe 97' sidekick that was left in the rain for months), the issue being the kinds redneck guy who sold it to me replaced the exhaust but fucked up the exhaust manifold so it doesn't connect and is loud af.

Any tips on this? I've been quoted $500 to fix it, and if there is a way to replace the engine too it probably needs it.

I'm also bedlining it, replacing the heatshield thing on the engine, tearing out the carpet, and noise insulating the hood.

I'm guessing around $900 for all of those, mainly because the exhaust manifold..... and hell if I could pop a new engine in I'd be willing to spend 1k total.


.......which is pretty much the value of the car, god I wish I could buy one of these sidekicks or a comparable value car new. Just a small little buggy.

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Well I currently am purchasing parts to do a complete suspension/brake, rear end swap on the Camaro. I have a posi disc brake 10 bolt with 3.23 that I purchased used, new springs and shocks all around, brake conversion (drums to disc). I now need to get a new master cylinder (its original) and get my steering knuckles machined ($800) so I can bolt up ls1 Camaro front brakes.

Last winter I swapped intakes to an aftermarket Holley EFI setup and installed a 3 inch stainless steel chambered exhaust setup.

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