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Overdue Fossaduction

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I’ve been nosing about at the behest of some various furs, and thought I’d finally make an intro.  I’m a Fossa or Cryptoprocta ferox, largest predator of Madagascar, not a feline, but a member of the Eupleridae family, which includes certain Malagasy Civets and Mongoose. Seems funny for a fossa to have a name, so it’s Fossa, or Fossa-Boy, easy.

Fossa-boy likes jumping from tree to tree, chasing lemurs, speaking broken English & napping on cozy branches. In folklore, the fossa is a bit like a fox: Mischievous, a trickster. According to legend, the Fossa can blink his eyes & disappear. He sneaks into your room at night & with his gaze puts you in a trance in which you are fully conscious, yet unable to move. Then, Fossa will do as he pleases, possibly stealing your baby and eating it. This is good, because IRL, I don’t like babies. Yet as a fursona, Fossa-Boy is quite goofy, and even a bit clumsy, kind-hearted, willing to help, though often confused at all the bitterness in the world. Fossa are protected by Fady, or Taboo; if one kills a Fossa, it invites trouble, even death.


Outside of my Fossa Fursona, I also have a primary fursona: a Striped Skunk named Simo.

Outside of both of these, I read a lot (especially fiction), take walks in the woods, joke around, write fiction and ‘narrative’ (non-flowery) poetry, cook, drink wine, enjoy nature documentaries, watermelons, comics, cartoons (especially older ones), pinball, art, baseball, irony, Fossas, exploring the city, museums, architecture, audio equipment, making fireworks, collecting little ceramic skunks, staring blankly into space, fursuits, latex animal suits, and imagining I was someplace else.

Would love to get into fursuiting, when I can afford one, and also, to meet other fursuiters locally (Baltimore/DC).

I love to get messages, and also like to RP, though I tend to do so in a 'paragraph' format, more in the ‘collaborative fiction’ style, set more or less in reality, with no special abilities. (Generally)

Well, enough for now. For a quiet looking animal, Fossa can make a good deal of noise!

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On 7/7/2016 at 10:12 PM, Endless/Nameless said:

I know you on the other forums, but only recently realized this. 

You have a good attitude. Continue posting well and plentiful. 

Thanks, I try! It's hard, sometimes. Wish I has as good of eyes, was good at computers, but ya can't have everything...

On 7/8/2016 at 7:59 AM, DrGravitas said:

Glad to finally be formally introduced, Fossa-Boy!

Yep, it's formal now! You seem like a quaint sort. Why do I picture you having a nice tube amplifier? It's among those things I dream of, like an old McIntosh. (No relation to the horrifying computers, of a different spelling!)


@Everyone else, thanks, too.

It's SO hot in Baltimore, I have to wonder, why did people decide to live in the south? I came from Michigan, thinking, "Oh, this will be more pleasant, and mild!". WRONG!!!!! People are nice in Maryland, though.


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