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Birthday ideas


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Well, I don't know what you have available to you - what party supplies can you get? Can you have a bbq? Is music available to play? Is there an amusement park nearby? 

You could always go out, watch a movie or something, but those are things you might have to pay out of pocket for.

Whichever you choose, they're probably not the only options you'll have and you'll probably come across more options as you think about it. 


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This is kinda vague for me to answer. What are your interests, budget and what is there to in your area?

Bowling is usually fun, movies, video games (smash bros would be my choice), umm... arcades if those exists near you, just somewhere to hang out?

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You want to have a party? I'm the party master, so take notes.

  1. Have the only thing to eat at the party be beans and other gassy foods.
  2. Slip all of your friends extremely potent laxatives while they aren't looking.
  3. Watch as they all shit themselves thinking it was a fart.
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