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I have waited for some time before I felt I could even make my first post here. I am a artist in my spare time doing it for a hobby.

I technically don't don't consider myself a part of the fandom but as a lot of my art is of anthro animals I interact with it to a degree. Most of the art of mine is on DA with my FA featuring mostly requests and giftart done for those I think deserve more art of their characters then they currently have or just have original looks to them. I can draw most species as anthro or feral, even lesser seen ones.

For all the giftart peices I got permission off the owner of the character first before starting, though nerves to reactions from others is what stops me uploading a lot of this giftart.

In regards to original art of my own, of the very few character I have come up with I use my anthro weasel called Frensel, (I know the name is a bit meh) to both make me visible to the fandom if I decide to become more engaged with it and as a character to practise figure drawing with.

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Heyo, matey

This place is fun. It's worth weaving into the threads, replying to things and saying hi to people. Might seem daunting, but it's totally rewarding.

A great heap of people here aren't furries but stayed for the community anyways. You aren't so different, don't worry!

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