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News Article on "Nazi Furs for Trump"


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4 hours ago, Jtrekkie said:

The fish told me there would be snacks.

*Uncomfortable applause*

Yes, free cucumber gulags are on their way to you. They will be airdropped into that strange basket you have on the wall behind you. 

Dream of a fur-nal solution for our furry race!

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17 hours ago, Endless/Nameless said:

heil *your name here! reach a larger audience with the Yellow Pages!*

Ah, yes.

We must have white towel face coverings so we can hide at the beach and the bathhouses. 

Good idea. You will be minister of culture! 

Now my comrades! We must support the Pastry-Archy even more!

Every movement needs a salute. When the Fur-Heur or the movement needs to be praised raise one of your paws to the sky and yell "Fur Power!"

Pic included so you do it properly. The salute must look like a paw. Also keep it as cute and kawai as you can while doing it. 


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On August 29, 2016 at 11:40 AM, Sir Gibby said:

master race reporting in


  Reveal hidden contents





Ah well done comrade! 

You do our movement proud. 

23 hours ago, LazerMaster5 said:

Am I doing this right?


Your efforts satisfy the Fur Heur. 


Here is a video to tell you the difference between a movement and a revolution. 

With one of our heroes. Tommy Lee Jones. 


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2 hours ago, BlitzCo said:

You are like baby, watch this


Yes! You have joined our movement!

Now remember to cleanse those pores using the pore strips. 

Get that nose nice and clean and hail the Pastry-Archy.

Sing our lovely song:

When Ze Fur-Heur says we are ze master race!



Right in ze Fur-Herur's face!

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