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Who likes Hip-Hop here?


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My first introduction to rap when I was little girl was Tupac, and really my own avenues were whatever my friends listened to, which was mostly stuff by lil wayne and I didn't relaly dig it.

It wasn't until I found early Kanye, Biggie Smalls, and early Eminem (Think D12-Marshal Mathers) that I found that I enjoyed certain uses of the genre. I don't like any  music that doesn't follow a slower melody, even in metal or pop or anything, so things that I can bop to I always enjoy. I like a good beat.

Lately I really like Raury, and I like some forms of Hopsin, too. I don't always like, "believe" what folks rap about (re: hopsin) but I like listening to it when doing cardio or when I'm angry. 



Raury is someone I really do enjoy though. Childish Gambino is also someone I enjoy, some Nicki Minaj, etc etc. Like I said. If I can bop to it, I like it.


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I like some of the older stuff.

De La Soul is by far my favorite; those first few albums are amazing. I'm especially fond of the "De La Soul Is Dead" album.

And I also like Public Enemy.

So mostly that era, it's a genre I am fussy about.

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