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Rave: Last piece of my alocasia collection


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12 minutes ago, grassfed said:

Dude Alocasia's are sweet. do you grow Colocasia too?

I grew some years ago but i couldnt overwinter them, the corms always started to rot and if i overwintered them with leafs they would get spidermites.

1 hour ago, Battlechili said:

You collect plants? Are there different kinds of alocasia?

There are many alocasias. I have only 5 species of them.


Some of them are man made hybrids like the plant above.

5 hours ago, GarthTheWereWolf said:


I know (inserts lenny face)


56 minutes ago, XoPachi said:

I always like to see people around here show their unique hobbies.
There's something very respectable and healthy about involving yourself in something constructive that you find a personal enjoyment out of. 

True, there are so many people with unique hobbies that are not seen everyday.

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