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Someone caught stealing/selling Orlando Fox's art


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I was a ghost on the old forums. Trying to make an effort to exist now. I've always been bad with forums though, forgetting to visit them and just ... not being good at thems.  This felt like the most appropriate place to post this, but feel free to redirect me if needed.

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It doesn't surprise me. RedBubble doesn't really check for copyrighted material or anything, you can just submit what the fuck ever and sell it til someone reports you.

Pretty much, when you dosomething on the scale Redbubble does with hundreds/thousands of people, you don't want to vet each and every one. Would take forever to approve people. Rather, the person uploading says, in the docs he agrees to, that he's the right to upload 'em.

It's like asking Youtube to check every video that's uploaded for copyright infringement. Aint nobody got time for that. 

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