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Red Memorial Thread


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I have said the majority of what I can, we love her.

I have also said everything I can say I miss her every day some days are harder than others but I made a promise to Red I plan on keeping 

She Is owed at least a sticky on a shitty furfag forum. You don't have to say anything.

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As much as I miss her, I also feel like it's time to give it a rest. Not forgetting, just moving on in our own life.

To be honest, Red would also probably smack us up for making such a fussles over her for so long :v

this. She wouldve hated all of this attention and in some cases deification. Giveitba rest. Let HER rest.

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Just don't forget.

"I've been through a lot. I've seen a lot. I've fucked up a lot. But I'm gonna keep trying and stick around because things really ain't all that bad, yanno? They really ain't. And maybe that's me trying to convince myself, but I think it's pretty damn true."

From Red's Weasyl. I think her accounts there and FA are a better memorial than a thread here could be, since they are her own words right there. So just don't forget. She'll stick around just like she said.


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