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New User Guide/FAQ

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Hello, and welcome to Phoenixed!
Before you do anything else, please stop and make sure you've read the site rules:

We understand that it's a hefty list, but it will save everyone a lot of headaches if you acquaint yourself with the rules first.

➤ A brief history lesson:

➤ "So, are only FAF members allowed to join?"

  •  No, not at all. We actually have quite a few active members (and one mod) that were never a part of old FAF to begin with.

➤ "Is this a furry board?"

  • The forum community sprouted from a furry site, and many of its members are furries, but we actively try not to be just "a furry site." We do have members who are very involved in the furry community, but many users simply view the fandom as a common interest we share.
    We welcome members from many different fandoms and interests.

    In other words, you're going to be interacting with a lot of furries here, but most areas of the site aren't specifically devoted to the fandom.

➤ "What's the feel of the community like?"

  • Phoenixed Forums hosts many users with different opinions and posting styles. Although interaction may vary, users who engage in discussions may sometimes come across as critical, blunt, or snarky.
    However, this does not mean that users are allowed to break the rules. If any user is harassing or being malicious towards you, please report it so staff can review the issue and take appropriate action.


➤ "What's the forum's maturity rating and stance on adult material?"

  • Most of the forum carries a PG-13 rating. There are minors here, and we are bound by US law, so please be aware of this before you decide to post anything particularly racy, whether images or text.

    We do have an adult section, where adult and sexual materials are allowed, but it's opt-in and you need to apply for access to it.
    Full details here: https://phoenix.corvidae.org/topic/3710-the-great-red-update/#comment-140332

➤ "I want to change my username, because I messed it up / I'm bored of this one / I don't want my RL friends to find me! HELP!"

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@ArielMT [Ariel or Ari]
45.  West-central New Mexico.  Yes, it's a part of the USA.
Feminine, masculine, and singular-they pronouns are OK.
Working the Internet Help Desk at a small ISP.
Interests: Walking, baseball, chess, retrocomputing, writing Ruby and Unix shell scripts.


@Zeke [Also goes by Oz]
29. East Coaster.
Library Mod/ Stalinist Chad/Admin'alor
Interests: 3D printing and design, Cosplay, video games, and hiking.




@Revates [aka: Rev]
20. Lives in Queensland, Australia. Male pronouns.
Dognapper :V Probably a dog himself. Dork.
Interests: Dogs, Games, Spreadsheets, Running and Food.


@Umbra.Exe [Just call me Umbra.]
24. West Coast US. Most pronouns are fine, most folks use he/they.
Bird Nerd, grammar police. May or may not be a robot.
Interests: Birds, Transformers, Metal Gear, costuming, sewing, sculpting, and drawing.


@Vae [also goes by: Ludwig, Lud, Vaelarsa]
30. Based in Colorado. Pronouns are whatever.
Token evil staff member. Ludwig Von Koopa IRL. Perfectionist and procrastinator.
Interests: art, writing, NES games, fashion design, gross monsters, camping and hiking


@willow [aka Will]
22. Currently in Illinois. He/Him.
Tired gay. Mother mod. Shade queen
Interests: gaming, nerdy stuff, eating, travel, men

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