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5 hours ago, Vae said:

"Excited for it."
I mean it's already out. It's been out for like a week.

I might play it. The art looks nice.
I heard it's super short at about 1 - 2 hours of gameplay though.

Yeah, it is out, but I'm too broke so i have to wait for youtubers to pick up on it.

It is kinda short, Expecially if you go straight through without clicking on absolutely everything. It is only act 1, after all.

Hussie does that.

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It is??? Oh man, I mean I've been a homestuck fan for at least two years, it's one of the best interactive things I've been obsessed with an had a community around.

My interest in it has died down and waned but I still absolutely adore the story and characters and everything, I had a lot of good times with that stupid ass comic

Now that you mention it I might pick it up, hopefully it's not super underwhelming

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3 hours ago, Caledonian said:

 It is only act 1, after all.

Hussie does that.

Hussie also has a habit of drawing things out to extremes,
so I hope that isn't the case here.
Otherwise you're looking at something that's going to take until act 58 until it gets anywhere meaningful in the story. And then rush to finish with no resolution to large story elements because "it's too long and cluttered now."

I just hope it's handled better than the comic was.

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Finished it, it is indeed short. It is also very endearing! I adored it, wasnt quite the rollercoaster (and clusterfuck) of homestuck, but there are plenty of acts to find out where this will go!

I look forward to see how the next installments will shape up, and if the homestuck is brought into mainstream appeal with more focus on the way the story is driven.

Gonna buy Hauntswitch too later cuz why not

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