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Trailers For Games with Customizable Characters


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So this trailer came out for Fallout 4. I loved it, but when I looked at the comment section, someone brought up an interesting point:

Why do all the trailers of this game show the protaganist as male and not female?

Now before some of you (cause I know there are some) start screaming about sjw's or whatever the fuck, the point made in the comment section was a good one.

Why is it that almost (not all) every game that gives you the option to customize your character, always show the protaganist as a clean shaven white guy? Why not have trailers where the protaganist looks different in each one, to emphasize how much you're able to customize them?

I remember in the E3 demo of Fallout 4, they showed the male's customization extensively but only spent a second on the female's. It just felt off when that happened.

The only games I remember showing the many ways you can customize your character was Skyrim, a bunch of MMO gameplay trailer, and Mass Effect 3, even if the female and male were just the generic versions of themselves.


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Yeah, that, and if Ubisoft is to be believed women are harder to "get right" in terms of rendering. They wanna put their best (size 11 male) foot forward.


They may not be ready in time for the trailer, or they just don't have enough confidence they look good enough at their current state.

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The most generic character you can possibly have is the white caucasian male. That's why. I imagine they've paid a few thousands to some psychologists to find out that a generic character like that is more likely to sell, for some deep, Freudian reason.

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