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Found 6 results

  1. I don't know, just art. I draw things, maybe even you draw things. Just... art. I haven't really made any furry things, but I will. So yeah, idk, ask for art, show art, whatever. We can even just talk about it.
  2. I guess I'll put up a sketchbook and try to update it as much as I can. I am starting the process of learning 3D so in some cases I'm learning how it works in terms of putting together models, and you'll start seeing me fully create my own unique ones. You can find most of my older works on sites, but I can put in a few if people have requests to see past work compared to now. Most are phone sketches due to time and dealing with injury. Yes, these are all done on my Samsung Note which is a phone with a small stylus. The programs I used are Sketchbook Pro and Corel Painter's mobile App. Yes a lot of have to do with the avatar I'm currently using on FFXIV but eh, if it inspires me to do art while dealing with other lemons in life so be it.
  3. I guess I should make an art thread, huh? I have a commission thread elsewhere if people are interested in that sort of thing, but I figured I might share my art. At least the lot I can share until I gain access to the Red lantern lol. Oldest to newest! Some headshots I was working on for my fursona's new reference! Was trying to revamp an old OC. My first fursona, actually. A sketch commission for DevilTheories on FA. Did some world building with my fursona and partner. We came up with the idea that he was summoned once, killed a witch’s familiar because he’s a shit head dog (RIP bird) and turned into a doll as punishment. Said witch kept him on a shelf, and while the punishment was supposed to be temporary, they passed away, causing Mortimus to be stuck as a doll. Fast forward to the liquidation sale of said witch’s possessions: Andy chow finds this adorable doll with no instructions or context and takes it… And eventually winds up accidentally summoning Mortimus again. She enchants a collar and keeps him as her own and thus, they begin bonding. Ya’ll know my basic furry ass had to jump on the #reindeergames bandwagon. So here’s Mort as a reindeer. Had to get my secondary sona on that, too. My half of a trade with Home over on FA.
  4. ❤Welcome to Obsydian's Commission Shop!❤ Obsydian@FA Obsydian@Weasyl I specialize in furry characters, especially those that are cute in nature. I also love to draw creatures, especially dragons, and I'd love to come up with an original character for you if you are having trouble deciding! Prices start at $12 and rise from there. Please read my Terms of Service before filling out the request form. The request form includes prices in order to give you a basic idea of what you'd be spending, but please note that complex character designs may bump the price up. Commissions: OPEN Price List & Terms of Service Commission Request Form
  5. Since sketchbooks are allowed now, I will start a art thread of my work. Feel free to critique and comment. I've uploaded this one already but I want to keep it in this post: A quick 3d sculpt of a Elite (Sangheili) in the Halo games: Also did this Charizard/ Dragonite hybrid dude: And a Wyvern like dragon 3d model for a video game I'm working on:
  6. Hey there! I'm Loque. Hobbyist artist which is also offering his artistic workforce for you. I prefer working digitally. If you're interested, feel free to contact me via PM or drop me a note on my FA (NSFW warning! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dampfloque/ ) All type of pictures can also be NSFW. The types of pictures I offer: Small themed scene painting (15€ + 5€ per character): 1000² pixel digital painting, showing your character(s) in a small comic-panel-like scene. Examples: 1 2 3 Portrait Speedpaint (10€): 150ppi A4 portrait of your character. Examples: 1 2 Simple Pose Fullbody/Pinup (20€ +10€ per character): 150ppi A4 Pinup of your character(s) with a simple pose and abstract BG. For examples, please see my FA page, NSFW warning! Full Illustration (25 - 40€ depending on complexity): Complex 300ppi picture with a complex background. Examples: 1 2 3 Ref Sheets (20-100 depending on number of items): Currently Closed.
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