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 You know how companies are always trying to one-up each other and battle in advertising? I always find that the funniest thing.


Like here we have car commercials where the guy who sells cars gets his little girl to say the iconic line "Bob Dance where everybody rides!" To combat the other company who's little girl spokesperson utters the catchphrase "We wanna see ya in a kia!". I dont know who went first, but clearly advertising cant get enough of rich young lasses doing free advertising for their proud parents rolling in cash for the 'aww' factor.

Another example are...lawyers. If lawyers are slippery in practice, theyre no less slippery in selling. I cant remember names, possibly one of them was Bogin Munns and Munns. But anyways, in one incident, one lawyer company released a commercial with them and their adopted shelter dogs, clearly showing they cared about animals. In another proceeding, passive-aggressive commercial the competitor lawyer essentially stated "Well, being an animal lover doesnt determine how good you are as a lawyer, but if you MUST know, here are our animals that we love very much much like anyone else that may also love animals like us".

And in the spirit of howloween, there's always the age old Pepsi-Coca Cola rivaly, I want to retrieve that add for visual explanation, its one of my favorite examples of Company rivalry



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This series of back-and-forth ads immediately came to mind:





Except half of this is ALSO fake. Only the first image is accurate, with the billboards being paid by area dealerships.  The second Audi and the later BMW Indie blimp are photoshop.

In This Thread: People will believe any image they see on the internet.  ...Though STILL no match for PastryOfApathy believing that Taylor Swift went to Rainfurrest.

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Well gee sorry, thanks for correcting me. I sill find the rebuttal clever, but it does lose its novelty seeing as its fan made

I swear I dont believe in the tree octopus :V

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