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Greetings and salutations my beautiful people


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And this is NOT the Caddicarus show

Okay so hey hello hi, I'm Sidhenearlahi. A 21 year old artist from that Australia place

And I draw those weird bipedal animal things that we seem to love so much, as well as a few other sorts of things
I was never actually a part of the original FA forums, I've never really been a part of any forums, they've always been so daunting to me but today I'm poking my head through the door and checking things out!

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Welcome to the forums, Sidhenearlahi! ...By the way, do you have a nickname? ^^;
Yeah, getting in the door early was probably a good idea. I fee awkward sometimes when I join a new place with people who've all been there for a while.
(I am familiar with many of the faces here, but still.)

Haha, it's a relatively new name so I've not encountered any need for a nickname, but I suppose just cutting it down to Lahi would be the simplest way to go about that :P I probably should've mentioned in the intro post how it was pronounced, unfortunately I can't edit it, so: Shee-Nayr-Lahee

And yes, it's like going to a new school, everyone has their crowd and it's supremely awkward and intimidating attempting to ingratiate with people, and find a place into any established circles. But hey, once you get in there, everything feels super chill and normal and comfortably routine!

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