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How long does it take to make a story board and the full render


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you mean i should learn and practice before the difficult parts.

yes completely.


BUT i wouldn't discourage you from at least trying a larger project to see if you can do it. you will probably find it a failure, but failure in that regard can be educational as well.

but don't rely on that! build the small things up all the time.

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Assuming you know EXACTLY what you want and don't need any revisions, a storyboard can take as little as a day or two, assuming you're an art machine.

As for animating, 2D (hand drawn) animation is generally recorded at 24 frames per second with each drawing shown twice, so 12 fps. A standard episode is around 22 minutes which means you will have about 15,840 frames, and the same amount of hours spent assuming you spend one hour per frame. Add in backgrounds (pretend 10 backgrounds, 5 hours each), plus editing you're looking at about 16,000 hours of work.

If you do it alone working efficient 8 hour days it will take ~2000 work days for an episode.

My thesis short film was 1min 20sec and took me over 300 hours to complete. I recommend working in a group instead of solo for animation, something MAP style with multiple artists, though you'll need to find some hobby/volunteer animators.

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Traditional animation takes tons of time. There's plenty of short animations to watch on youtube and a majority of them took months or a year to make, all intensive work. Flash animation cuts a lot of corners via certain techniques but doesn't look as good (IMHO) but still takes a lot of time, plus an extra layer of technical knowledge.

From what I know about anime, most popular animes started as mangas. The manga itself is months/years of work for a single person even if its not long-running. However, writing/drawing a manga in the west isn't likely to succeed in the east to be made into an anime. Plus, the traditional animation industry in the west is close to dead.

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