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Voice cracks in the middle of talking


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God it's so embarrassing. I thought it was supposed to be something only teens going through puberty faced. When I was working a temporary job placement, it would happen on an almost daily basis. I've noticed it happen to a couple of other adults, but very rarely. Is this what I get for not talking very much in my daily life?

Anyone else go through this?

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same thing happens to me every now and then, just make a joke out of it and repeat yourself, usually you can make the people you're talking to laugh with you. i remember i was i in a meeting with a bunch of honchos for the client i was working for, they brought a pile of us first years in to take a shot at estimating jobs, and i was talking about hours for scaffolding... i was on about scaffolding and i said something along the lines of "we don't need ten feet of scaffold for a job we could do with a ladder, when was the last time you went up on your house to clear out your ea (big time squeak) vestrough... well, i fucked that, but what i was trying to say was..." it can totally be an in to show a sense of humor. play it off as nothing, all you're trying to do is get a point across. always be casual unless you're really trying to stress a point.

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