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Oi took me forever to find this shit


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Hey, been ages, so the forums suicides in my absence huh? That's shit :(


But hey I'm Crunchy I'm a bat, and, an artist and shit. Been distracted by the struggles of life but now am on my feet again and have a place to call home, of course the first thing I thought to do with an actual in internet connection outside a coffee shop was reconnect on my FA.....and the FA forum, witch lead me here ;) so hello new forum.


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I've missed you so!

We have SOOOO-OOOH much to catch up on and I still have your stuff!

It's all been kept safe and I bet you've missed them! We definitely need to get together sometime soon! 



N-NO im not tearing up :< im a man i can do this!

:D I'm so happy to be back I feel like shit at the same time for being dead in the virtual world at the same time though. Vaerrrr yesss lets regale in our tales and catch up!!! My life has been :D.... :D... dumb but whatever about that, how you :3

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Id love to hear about it, like i said circumstances had it so I didn't really have the option to be around, wtf even happened? 

-- company wanted something wich was against the volunteering roll of the mods.

-- mods quit

-- forums started shitposting badly for quite a while

-- fight for the independendence off the forum

-- old one got closed

-- carenath managed to get an agreement and now where here as independend as we are

did i forget smth?

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