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Thats just sad


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Sometimes i watch videos about people who are disabled and mostly look creepy or horrific.

Then in the comment section i see people who write the person looks pretty WTF and these comment writers get mean when writing the person doesnt look beautifull.

Well, saying to a person who is disabled and has not really pretty face to say he or she is beautifull would make the person sad since the person knows she or he isnt pretty on the outside.

But what only matters is the inside and no i mean not the innards i mean the personality.

Mostly Man or Women who look sexy or hot are just jerks to the max.


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1 hour ago, Sutekh_the_Steak said:

Some people just have really shitty attitudes. Especially in youtube comments. Best thing to do is just ignore them.

Indeed. They're either shitty or are real fucking dumb

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