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So, as some of you already know, some time ago, apart from raster-based graphics I also started making vector-based graphics (so pdf instead of jpg and png), widening my qualifications. Leaflets, backgrounds, web graphics, that kind of stuff.

Today I recieved a payment for one of those commissions. First fully commertial one - a logo for a foundation, that's helping in activisation of the elderly people.

75 bucks for 20 minutes of work. And it makes me feel dirty and guilty.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I'm quite often complaining about crappy or mediocre art being overpriced, myself trying to make my art slightly underpriced or priced just enough. 

And this is similar case. There is no way that logo could be worth it's price. But I couldn't get any lower, as it already costs 75% of the usual lowest market price or anyone serious wouldn't treat me seriously. Not to mention competition getting enraged.


So, finally, a question. Is that normal? That I feel bad about recieving more than I deserve? In my job I get paid handsomely as well, I'd even say, that they pay me too much comparing the income to average income in my country. But there I at least work and I feel I deserve and earn it. Discussed case tho makes me feel like I'm cheating.

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No it's common at least with me, I don't feel my work is worth the money it is.
I feel bad or guilty i guess for being paid a bunch of money for something I didn't think was hard.

The art market in furry is over saturated, bloated with every artist and suit maker peddling their stuff, and the more popular artists keep their prices up as they can afford to.
The masses of new artists and people just trying the field get overwhelmed and keep lowering their prices making it worse over all as every one does. The artists who can keep their prices up and be patient seem to be more stable and don't have prices dropping to the bottom and soaring to space in price.

Depends really what people want in the end of it, if you are doing art for yourself wonderful, if you are trying to sell better pander to what the crowd wants not what you like.

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Your work is worth what people will pay you to do it. If you really feel guilty, then you can always pay it forward. If you like a specific place to get drinks or eat, tip the person serving generously. It works in your favor too because they will want to see you again too. Or you can donate to your favorite causes or charities. Otherwise, don't give it much thought, you have a talent and that talent helps you make it in the world.

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That actually seems like a fair price to me. I'm pretty sure they would have had to pay more if someone else had done it.

Don't underprice yourself if you want to make a living off your work. Your time and work have value, if you underprice yourself customers might get the impression that you don't think highly of your own work, so why should they think highly of it and pay you for it? They might look for someone else.

Cut yourself some slack and be more proud about yourself :3

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